Sony ZV-1 Review

July 6, 2020 | Richard Sibley |

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Some might dismiss the ZV-1 as yet another Sony RX100 variant, but it’s much more than that. The sensor and lens might be familiar, but the body, the controls, the audio and the rear screen are all new and different and optimised brilliantly for vlogging.
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The Sony ZV-1 is the best compact vlogging camera you can buy. Its mix of a bright lens, superb autofocus and design tweaks like the side-flipping screen make it a powerful pocket video option with few peers. Those seeking super-smooth walking footage might find its image stabilization a slight let-down, and it has a few familiar usability quirks, but the ZV-1 remains the best video all-rounder in its weight class.
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Sony's latest camera is nimble, lightweight and powerful. With its advanced processing capabilities, fast auto focus and real-time tracking combined with the impressively clear audio capture and the useful flip-out screen, it really is a great option for vloggers.
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Ever since Sony introduced its original RX100 in 2012, the firm has tended to refine its premium enthusiast-focused compact camera on an annual basis. But with six variants currently on the market at prices ranging from £330 to £1200, this year it’s decided to do something different. With the new ZV-1, it’s repackaged technology from the RX100 line into a distinctly different design, that’s optimised for vloggers who are producing videos for YouTube.
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