GoPro HERO6 Black Review

October 31, 2017 | Amy Davies |

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Last year’s GoPro Hero 5 Black was somewhat of a sea change for GoPro’s Hero range, and a camera I called GoPro’s “greatest hits”. The Hero 6 Black, however, is very much an evolution of a now established winning formula. It improves in many key areas, including in its top-end resolution and frame rates, as well as offering significantly better image stabilisation and upgrades in overall image quality.
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In the tech world, there is an expectation that we will get more for our money next year than we do this year. Or, that we’ll be able to get today’s features for a lower price tomorrow. GoPro apparently has a different philosophy. The company recently introduced a new flagship action camera, the Hero6 Black, at $500. The Hero5 Black remains in the product line at $400 — the same price it held when it launched a year ago (the Hero5 Session also stays on at its original price of $300). This gives customers a less than ideal choice: get last year’s features at the same price, or spring for the latest and greatest at a new and higher price.
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COMING OFF A rough 2016 filled with layoffs and recalls, GoPro’s got a lot to prove. After all, not everyone needs to own a drone or an action cam. And, with many top-tier smartphones packing impressive levels of waterproofing, a GoPro isn’t even a necessity for capturing footage in the wet outdoors. But, the new GoPro Hero 6 still retains distinct advantages over other devices. A lot of its strengths are directly related to the how compact and mountable this tiny, powerful action cam is.
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Today GoPro announced their latest action cam – the GoPro Hero6 Black. While it may look the same from the outside, it’s packed with tons of huge changes on the inside. Some of those changes are headliner options like 4K at 60FPS (frames per second), or 1080P at 240FPS. While many of the changes are under the covers at the image processing level, they dramatically change the image quality of both photos and videos.
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