Vivo X51 5G Review

November 16, 2020 | Tim Coleman |

Review Roundup

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Vivo loves to push advanced features out there before the competition. The Vivo X51 5G is a vehicle for its ‘gimbal’ camera, which offers superb low-light performance and super-stable video. It’s a great advancement, but the price may seem a little high for a phone with a mid-tier CPU, even if it is a great one.
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The Vivo X51 5G is one of the most exciting phones around from a camera point of view. It covers the holy trinity of camera focal lengths (and then some), and it’s got a nifty USP - that gimbal system. That isn’t to say its camera is the best around, and at £749, we wouldn’t expect it to be. Nevertheless, with midrange power inside, Vivo’s opted for some punchy pricing. Irrespective, with 5G, beautiful design, and a fine looking screen, not to mention ample storage, unless you’re a serious gamer, the X51 will check most of your boxes.
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