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  • PMA 2008 Report
    Publication Date: January 22nd 2008
    We've opened our PMA 2008 Report. PMA is the world's largest annual photo imaging trade show, where the major photography manufacturers will unveil their new product line-ups for 2008 and beyond.

  • Lee Miller Exibition
    Publication Date: September 20th 2007
    The V&A museum's retrospective marks the centenary of Lee Miller’s birth by bringing together photographs, writings, and art from across her life. We attended the launch party...

  • Manfrotto Factory Tour
    Publication Date: July 24th 2007
    Our behind-the-scenes tour of Manfrotto’s tripod factory in Feltre, Northern Italy proved to be a real eye-opener.

  • PMA 2007 Report
    Publication Date: March 2nd 2007
    We've opened our PMA 2007 Report. PMA is the world's largest annual photo imaging trade show, where the major photography manufacturers will unveil their new product line-ups for 2007 and beyond.

  • Focus on Imaging 2007 Report
    Publication Date: February 26th 2007
    We attended the opening day of this photography show to bring you all the news from the show floor and an exclusive gallery, so that you enjoy the show even if you couldn't make it to Birmingham, UK.

  • Photo Exhibitions 5th-11th February 2007
    Publication Date: February 8th 2007
    Greer McNally round-ups the latest photography shows that are well worth some of your hard-earned money and time.

  • Gerd Ludwig Interview
    Publication Date: December 21st 2006
    "German photographer Gerd Ludwig talks about his close relationship with Russia and the Russian people."

  • Photokina 2006 Report
    Publication Date: October 2nd 2006
    "The Photokina Show takes place this year in Cologne, Germany and runs from 26th September - 1st October 2006, 10am to 6pm every day. We take a closer, hands-on look at some of the more interesting products here at Photokina 2006 and bring you some exclusive photos."

  • Photography Events and Exhibitions July 2006
    Publication Date: June 28th 2006
    "Presenting a new monthly roundup of all the must-see photography events and exhibitions around the world. Escape the World Cup football, tennis, cycling and multitude of other sporting events during July by visiting some of the following fantastic shows."

  • Buying a Bargain Digital Camera
    Publication Date: June 23rd 2006
    "You want to get the best camera possible at the best possible price. Read on to discover the secrets of getting the perfect bargain, and avoiding the pitfalls as well."

  • Andy Rouse Interview (Part Two)
    Publication Date: June 19th 2006
    "In the second installment of a two-part interview, we ask wildlife photographer Andy Rouse about the secrets of his digital workflow."

  • Andy Rouse Interview (Part One)
    Publication Date: June 12th 2006
    "In the first installment of a two-part interview, we ask wildlife photographer Andy Rouse about his career so far."

  • Bargain Bucket: 5 Megapixels for £25
    Publication Date: June 6th 2006
    "UK high-street retailer Superdrug are offering the Vivitar 5385, a de-featured Pentax Optio 50 clone with a 1.75 inch LCD, for the amazing price of £24.99."

  • The Death of the Bridge Camera
    Publication Date: March 10th 2006
    "The first ever digital camera that I bought was the Minolta DiMAGE 5 bridge-style camera, so-called because it “bridged” the gap between a smaller compact digital camera and a larger digital SLR. Now it seems that the bridge camera has become something of a dying breed, at least for those manufacturers with DSLRs in their product range."

  • PMA 2006 "Hot Top 10"
    Publication Date: March 10th 2006
    "PMA 2006 turned out to be as much about the future as the present, with some of the hottest new products just being prototypes or mockups, rather than the real deal. Consequently you won’t be able to get your hands on quite a lot of the kit that has been announced until May, June, or even 6 months later in the case of the Panasonic DMC-L1 and the as yet un-named 10 megapixel Pentax DSLR. In fact, of all the products listed in our Hot Top 10 for PMA 2006, only 2 of them are available to buy today (Bibble Labs 4.6 and Muvee). Carry on reading to find out which products made our top 10…"

  • PMA 2006 Report
    Publication Date: January 27th 2006
    "PMA 2006 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting photography trade shows in recent years. PhotographyBLOG will be reporting live from the show floor - all you have to do is visit our PMA 2006 Report to keep up to date with all the latest announcements."

  • The Peoples' Voice: "Take My Wife's Digital Camera ... Please !!!"
    Publication Date: January 9th 2006
    "In the first installment of our new The Peoples' Voice column, reader Gary Pogoda explains just how tricky it is to buy a new camera for his wife."

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2005
    Publication Date: November 23rd 2005
    "With the Thanksgiving holiday a few days away and only a few weeks until Christmas, it's time to start thinking about what you are going to buy the photographer in your life, even if that's you! I've looked back over all the products that I have reviewed during 2005 and picked my favourites, from digital cameras to printers and stocking fillers. I've also suggested some similar products that may be worth looking at which I haven't reviewed, and there are handy links to the latest and most competitive prices from online retailers. So, somewhat in advance, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!"

  • Magnum Photographer Donovan Wylie Goes Digital
    Publication Date: September 29th 2005
    "Digital is better than the naked eye", proclaimed celebrated documentary and Magnum photographer Donovan Wylie at a recent demonstration of how he has embraced digital technology. Organised by Hewlett Packard at their central London office, Wylie explained how a recent switch to both digital printing and digital cameras had made him more productive and more profitable than ever before in his 15 year career."

  • Behind the Scenes at myPIXmania
    Publication Date: May 7th 2005
    "Ordering prints of your photos via an online photo processing service is big business. With the recent boom in digital camera sales, demand for easy and affordable printing has never been higher, and using an internet based photo service is one of the ways to satisfy that demand. To find out what actually happens to your images after you click the Upload button, I was recently invited to take an exclusive behind the scenes look at myPIXmania, one of Europe's biggest online photo finishers."

  • Focus On Imaging 2005 Show Report
    Publication Date: January 17th 2005
    "FOCUS ON IMAGING is Europe's biggest annual imaging show, covering all your needs from image capture through to output and beyond. Over 200 exhibitors and product launches galore - including all the very latest digital cameras and processing equipment - will feature at FOCUS 2005. To help you keep track of everything that's going on, this page will contain links to all of the latest product announcements."

  • PMA 2005 Show Report
    Publication Date: January 17th 2005
    "The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Annual Convention and Trade Show takes place in Orlando, Florida USA and runs from 20th-23rd February 2005. More than 83% of exhibitors responding to the PMA survey plan to launch a new product or service at PMA 2005, so expect a lot of announcements to be made in the weeks leading up to the show. To help you keep track of everything that's going on, this page will contain links to all of the latest product announcements."

  • PhotographyBLOG on the Radio
    Publication Date: January 17th 2005
    "PhotographyBLOG was featured on Photo Talk Radio on Saturday, 15th January, at 8-9am Pacific Time in the US (5-6pm CET). You can now listen to the interview (available in 2 parts) by visiting this link:

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2004
    Publication Date: November 22nd 2004
    "I've looked back over all the products that I have reviewed during 2004 and picked my favourites, from digital cameras to printers and books. I've also suggested some other products that may be worth looking at (which I haven't reviewed), and there are handy links to online shops so that you don't even have to venture out and brave the hordes of shoppers!"

  • Finding the Best Photo Printer
    Publication Date: November 10th 2004
    "I've been trying out some of the latest models of color ink-jet photo printers from Canon, Epson and HP. Each is designed to make high-quality photo prints, up to 8 1/2" x 11", as well as black and white documents, making these ideal for general use in the home or small office. All have the same list price of $199 and work with both PCs and Macs."
    Article published courtesy of Phil Baker.

  • Photographing Fireworks
    Publication Date: July 2nd 2004
    "In anticipation of the July 4th celebrations on Sunday, I've trawled the web for the 10 best tips and tutorials on photographing fireworks. You still have a couple of days to read through all this great advice before you head out on Sunday :-) And even if you don't live in the US, they should come in handy on more than one occasion this year."

  • Digital Photography in the Wilderness
    Publication Date: April 30th 2004
    "Is digital photography up to the challenges of extended outdoor adventures in harsh conditions? The purpose of this article is to share my planning process and conclusions, focusing on the specific questions and issues that outdoor photographers face on longer trips."
    Article published courtesy of Jean-François Maïon.

  • Canon EOS 10D: A Year in Pictures
    Publication Date: April 19th 2004
    "I bought my Canon EOS 10D digital SLR camera exactly 1 year ago, and in that year I've taken nearly 10,000 photographs with it. To help celebrate my first anniversary of ownership, I've selected 24 of my favourite images from the past year and presented them in chronological order."

  • Beating the Photography Blues
    Publication Date: March 25th 2004
    "It happens to the best of us at one time or another - there comes a time when you don't even pick up your camera, never mind take a photo with it. Once you have recognised that you're going through a lean spell, how do you get out of it and start being a photographer again? Here are my ideas for getting out of that creative rut."

  • PMA 2004 Roundup
    Publication Date: February 14th 2004
    "The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Annual Convention and Trade Show took place in Las Vegas, USA and ran from 12th- 15th February 2004. This is the world's largest annual photo imaging trade show. So to help you keep track of everything that was going on, this page contains links to all of the product announcements."

  • Ensuring Color Accuracy For Your Digital Photos
    Publication Date: January 29th 2004
    "If you think color integrity doesn’t matter much, you might think you can stop reading now . . . but think twice about that. The reality is that anyone sharing photos, charts, graphs, or other images electronically can run into situations where what looks like the perfect shade of teal on your screen comes across as eyeball-bursting blue to your colleagues, friends and relatives."
    Article published courtesy of ColorVision.

  • Wolfgang Tillmans: Art, Photography, or neither?
    Publication Date: August 8th 2003
    "The majority of Tillmans' photographs were either badly composed, out of focus, unsharp, poorly exposed, or all of the above. To my photographers eye, after seeing so many excellent images by other photographers during the last few years, Tillmans' images were of a poor standard, looking more like family snaps than expertly-taken photographs."

  • My First Photograph
    Publication Date: July 25th 2003
    "I'm a relatively late-starter in the world of photography. I'm 28 years old and have only been interested in this wonderful hobby for about the last 2-3 years. So what made me become interested in photography?"

  • Digital: A Personal Perspective
    Part 1: Try, try and try again...
    Publication Date: June 25th 2003
    " This is the very first article that I'm publishing on PhotographyBLOG, and it's one that explores a well-worn theme; the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography."

Saturday Shout

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Gary's Parries

Everything you always wanted to know about digital cameras, but were afraid to ask. No question too difficult, or too easy.

  • 25/02/07
    1. Anti-Shake DSP Beats Traditional OIS (In Theory)
    2. Time To Trade The SLR In For A Bridge

  • 28/01/07
    1. Wanted: Bridge Camera With SLR Viewfinder
    2. How To Avoid DSLR Dust In 3 Easy Steps
    3. How To Turn Off Your Camera’s Flash – Volume 1

  • 31/12/06
    Gary chooses his Top Ten of 2006.

  • 17/12/06
    1. Why G7 Lacks Raw Support
    2. New Techniques In Image Refocusing

  • 10/12/06
    1. Gary’s Parries Is Currently In The Process Of Moving
    2. Animal Cruelty (Revisited)

  • 03/12/06
    1. In Pursuit Of A Canon PowerShot S80
    2. Animal Cruelty
    3. Welcome Back, Nick In Japan

  • 26/11/06

  • 19/11/06
    1. DSLR With Live View Movie Mode?

  • 12/11/06
    1. Concert Audio For Digital Camera Videos
    2. SDHC Write Speed For Digital Camera Videos

  • 05/11/06
    1. I’ve Just Seen A Face
    2. Can’t See The Forest For The (Whitewashed) Trees
    3. Perfect Pocket/Portrait/Wedding Camera
    4. Get Well Nick In Japan

  • 29/10/06
    1. Panasonic FZ50’s Noisy CCD, It’s Just Not Cricket
    2. How Do Add-On Lenses Effect DOF?

  • 22/10/06
    1. Face Detection For All Colors
    2. Inadequate Canon G3/SD30 White Balance?
    3. The Perfect Non-SLR

  • 15/10/06
    1. Getting Close With Add-On Lenses
    2. Electronic Shutters In Full Bloom
    3. Picassa Ducks Out On DVD Recording

  • 08/10/06
    1. In Search Of A ‘Versatile’ Non-SLR
    2. Image 9877 And Counting
    3. My First Ever Mistake

  • 01/10/06
    1. Vacationing In Beautiful Atlantic City
    2. Windows Laptop for Photo Processing

  • 24/09/06
    1. Comparing Apples And Windows
    2. When 4 x 6 Is Really 3.98 x 6
    3. Camera Bug Not Covered By Warranty

  • 17/09/06
    1. In Search Of An Ethical Printer
    2. Defying The Laws Of Physics … Again
    3. Don’t Go Breaking My Compact Flash
    4. JPEG And A Trim Please

  • 10/09/06
    1. What Goes Up, Must Come Down
    2. Changing The Laws Of Physics
    3. Venus And Mars Are Alright Tonight

  • 03/09/06
    1. WANTED: Splashproof 28mm 7x Zoom Ultra-Compact
    2. Histogram 101
    3. Waiting For Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Review
    4. Telecaster Or Stratocaster

  • 27/08/06
    1. No Column This Week

  • 20/08/06
    1. Nikon D80 Got The Shakes
    2. Digital Versus Film Cameras In Baghdad
    3. Once A Photographer, Always A Photographer
    4. Five Megapixel Images Look The Best

  • 13/08/06
    1. DSLR Dynamic Range Needs Improvement
    2. Digital Shutter Lag Versus 35mm
    3. Newbie Seeks Camera That Rocks

  • 06/08/06
    1. DSLR Dynamic Range Needs Improvement
    2. Digital Shutter Lag Versus 35mm
    3. Newbie Seeks Camera That Rocks

  • 30/07/06
    1. It Was So Cold, Even My LX1 Had No Noise
    2. Canon PowerShot S90 Rumors

  • 23/07/06
    1. Different Horizontal And Vertical Resolutions
    2. Digital Dust Revisited
    3. Olympus Stylus 710, A Good Choice

  • 16/07/06
    1. Digital Dust Problem 100x Worse Than Film
    2. A Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll

  • 09/07/06
    1. $30 PhotoShop Equivalent
    2. Carry That Weight

  • 25/06/06
    1. 100 Megapixels In Your Pocket
    2. I Saw The Light

  • 18/06/06
    1. Vacationing At Lake Tahoe

  • 11/06/06
    1. What’s A Wife To Do?
    2. The Sony DSC-W100 (Will It Go ‘Round In Circles)
    3. Blue Ha-Wi-Fi

  • 04/06/06
    1. No Need To Go Below ISO 200
    2. Whether To Weatherproof Or Waterproof
    3. Nikon D70 Front Focusing Problem: S-O-L-V-E-D

  • 21/05/06
    1. Nikon D70 Front-Focused Images (Part III)
    2. How To Achieve Smaller Image Files
    3. Busy As A Bee

  • 14/05/06
    1. Nikon D70 Front-Focused Images (Part II)
    2. The Big Picture (Take Two)
    3. Another Kodak Moment … Happy Mother’s Day !!!

  • 07/05/06
    1. Nikon D70 Front-Focused Images
    2. The Big Picture
    3. A Question! A Question! My Kingdom For A Question!

  • 30/04/06
    1. Hesitant To Buy Noisy Panasonic LX1
    2. Have Lens, Will Travel
    3. Ramblin' Man

  • 23/04/06
    1. My Favorite Vacation Spot

  • 16/04/06
    1. Large Sensors Just As Noisy As Small Sensors?
    2. I Dream Of (A Digital Camera) Jeannie
    3. It's A Mac/Win-Win Situation

  • 09/04/06
    1. Birds Of A Tether
    2. Not So Black And White
    3. Mr. Mac And Ms. Windows To Wed

  • 02/04/06
    1. Artistic Photos Gone Wild
    2. No Red-Eye, I Want My Money Back
    3. Good Camera, Cheap Lens
    4. DVD-R For Video Versus For Data
    5. April Fools

  • 26/03/06
    1. That's No Problem, It's A Nikon D50 Feature
    2. Red-eye Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back
    3. Who Was That Unsharp Masked Man?
    4. AAA Battery Compatible Cameras
    5. Effect Of Scene Modes On Image Quality / Resolution
    6. New CMOS Image Sensor To Achieve ISO 6.4 MILLION (!!!)

  • 19/03/06
    1. Photo Opportunity
    2. Extra Megapixel
    3. High ISO Anxiety
    4. Bridge Camera Records Digital Images To Film

  • 12/03/06
    1. 3D Digital Cameras
    2. The Sharper Image
    3. Goodbye, Mr. 2/3" CCD Chips
    4. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
    5. Bridge Cameras Over Troubled Waters

  • 05/03/06
    1. High-Zoom Ultra-Compacts (The Noise On The Street)
    2. Love That HP Photosmart 475 Printer
    3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 Structural Tests

  • 26/02/06
    1. In-Camera Noise Ninja?
    2. Adjusting Your Digicam To Be As Sharp And Clear As Film
    3. Time-Lapse Photography With Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1
    4. Image Sensor Sizes Explained

  • 19/02/06
    1. Noise Reduction 101
    2. New Fuji And Panasonic Digicams (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly)
    3. Kind Words From A Gary's Parries Fan

  • 12/02/06
    1. CMOS Image Sensors Explained
    2. How To Include Yourself In Your Own Photos
    3. Fashion Model Seeks Fun-Loving Digital Camera With Long Zoom

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